Exploring the Gulf South through Woodcut

Cypress, hardwoods, bay swamps, herbaceous plants, blackwater rivers. These labels do not begin to capture the diversity of the thriving ecosystems and interconnected wetlands along the Gulf coast. As saline content rises and the wetlands continue to reel from erosion and agricultural use, these environments are increasingly threatened. As an artist, Pippin Frisbie-Calder believes these spaces must be observed and documented in order to increase awareness of these issues and to preserve, from an artistic perspective, a memory of what we have and may still lose.

 Pippin’s series of cypress and wetlands prints are large and grandiose to reflect the awe that is felt when standing next to majestic old and living cypress and hardwoods that have survived a century of human exploitation. Through images gathered in live sketching, photographs and research she captures the raw natural beauty and abundant wildlife of still unspoiled and untamed swamplands.