Microscope Prints

Fueled by a residency at A Studio in the Woods— Flint and Steel— I have been working with a Microbiologist at Tulane University, Tim McLean. During the residency we collected water samples from local bayous and under the scopes at Tulane began the exciting task of discovering what lives in our local fresh water. I was blown away by the shapes, movement and whimsy of these alien looking creatures! Our collaboration continues, as well as my investigation into slightly more abstract observations of these organisms and the “world” they live in. I’m fascinated by  the shift in focus of the microscope, conveying vast depth in a water sample a fraction the size of a penny.

phytoplankton - shell bank bayou cropped 2 phytoplankton - shell bank bayou cropped 1 Phytoplankton A Studio in the Woods diatom and dinoflagelates Phytoplankton shell bank bayou phytoplankton chloroplasts activated with blacklight flashlight Paul and Pippin in front of Pyrocystis Sp. Sculptures Pippin and Tim at our openingLambencyPhalanxViridisPaul in front of micro scrollsworlds within

Skills: Microscope Art