The Outcome is Unforeseen

The Outcome is Unforeseen was a collaboration in 2009 between Pippin’s woodcut works on muslin and five Indonesian composers, I Wayan Gde Yudane, Diecky Indra Praga, Patrick Hartano, Y. Subomo, Christauto Atmaya. Each of these composers was selected by the Indonesian group Art Music Today, and then paired with Pippin. An exhibition was held for this body of work, paired with listening devices to the composers pieces, at an event in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 2010 at VIA VIA Café and in Maine at the River Arts Gallery, 2011.

“An experimental action is one the outcome of which is unforeseen” John Cage

The action of creating art based off sound was unprecedented for me. I imagined this process as a new composition. My preexisting rules and styles were exchanged for fluid marks, attempting to convey the moving structure of sound. I was deeply inspired by John Cage and his quote “an experimental action is one the outcome of which is unforeseen”. In this collaboration, not only is the action new, but the outcome is dependent on you, and every other views interpretation.

Often when I think if music and art, I see these forms as inherently different, one dealing with chronological time and the other depicting space. I aimed to create a visual language through pattern that bridged this gap. In structuralizing this process I focused on four major components that are represented differently in all five pieces. The first visualizing the movement of music, and imagining this as a shape or pattern. Second, was the process of retaining or removing wood, creating effects of lightness or darkness to capture the mood of the piece. Third, having human forms in each work that was intended to represent the composers. Lastly, the creation of a musically inspired natural environment that could maintain all of the above mentioned observations.
The most depictive of all of these was the motion of “Saat” where I aimed to replicate the digital graphic spectrum through a graph of buildings.

The Outcome is Unforeseen aims to be experimental both in action and title, and question both imagined and perceived sound. Each piece is developed to stand independently as my own artistic creation, as well as in unison with the music.

Skills: Woodcuts