Pippin Frisbie-Calder


Residency at Studio in the Woods, a program of Tulane University

I was accepted for the Studio in the Woods residency Flint and Steal!

For those of you unfamiliar with this project Studio in the Woods is “Located in a unique wooded setting within the city of New Orleans, A Studio in the Woods has an established record of pairing land preservation with intimate artist residencies centered on environmental challenges and connecting artists to the local community.“

For my residency I will be working with Dr. Tim McLean, professor of the practice at Tulane University! With his specialization in molecular marine microbiology we will be collecting and investigating local phytoplankton!

We Aim to create a body of work around wetland micro-algae awareness. In a public display our simulated and/or real-time, live projections of phytoplankton and woodcuts will act as large-scale representations of the aquatic micro-organisms of the wetlands and demonstrate their importance (functions and roles) within the larger ecosystem.

This project aims to serve as an educational tool, hoping to draw all members of the public, independent of wetland awareness and appreciation, since few people (even among researchers) are aware of and recognize the microbial presence, diversity, beauty, and roles within the waters of the wetlands.

With this residency I will be giving an artist artist talk in addition to having a final show.

We are still figuring out the dates on all this and I will send updates in the future as the project progresses!!